Bauer Bg25c Winch Reduction Gear 77 Wh 102/12

Shop the Bauer Bg25c Winch Reduction Gear 77 Wh 102/12 from our factory for high-quality, reliable performance. Get yours today for your industrial needs.
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Model NO.
Straight Shaft Swashplate Piston Type
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BAUER BG25C WINCH Reduction GEAR 77 WH 102/12
Rotary Drilling Rig Gear Box 132777-26 Planetary For Sany, Zoomlion, Sunward, Bauer,77WH102/12   Soilmec And IMTBauer Bg25c Winch Reduction Gear 77 Wh 102/12
Bauer Bg25c Winch Reduction Gear 77 Wh 102/12
Bauer Bg25c Winch Reduction Gear 77 Wh 102/12
Bauer Bg25c Winch Reduction Gear 77 Wh 102/12



Hydraulic piston pump A11VLO40, A11VLO60, A11VLO75, A11VLO95, A11VLO130, A11VLO145, A11VLO190, A11VLO260

Open circuit
Nominal pressure 5100 psi (350 bars)
Maximum pressure 5800 psi (400 bars)
The A11VLO variable axial piston pump of swash plate design for hydrostatic drives in open circuit hydraulic system
- Designed primarily for use in mobile applications.
- The pump operates under self-priming conditions, with tank pressurization, or with an optional built-in charge pump (impeller).
- A comprehensive range of control options is available matching any application requirement.
- Power control option is externally adjustable, even when the pump is running.
- The through drive is suitable for adding gear pumps and axial piston pumps up to the same size, i.e. 100% through drive.
- The output flow is proportional to the drive speed and infinitely variable between qV max and qV min = 0.
- Control devices: LR, LR.C, LR3, LG1, LG2, DR, DRS, DRL, DH1, DH2, DH.D, DH.G, EP1, EP2, DE.D, EP.G, etc.





1,piston shoe,9pcs.

2,cylinder block,1pc.

3,retainer plate,1pc.

4,valve plate RH,1pc.

5,ball guide, 1pc. 


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Bauer Bg25c Winch Reduction Gear 77 Wh 102/12
Bauer Bg25c Winch Reduction Gear 77 Wh 102/12
Bauer Bg25c Winch Reduction Gear 77 Wh 102/12
Bauer Bg25c Winch Reduction Gear 77 Wh 102/12

Our company now supply a large number of piston pumps, motors, reducers and related spare parts. The main manufacturers are: Rexroth, Hitachi, Komatsu, Kawasaki, Caterpillar, NACHI, Toshiba, Kobelco / Kato etc.
The specific models are:
Hitachi series:
HPV050; HPV080; ZX120-6 main pump (HPK055); HPV091 (EX200-2/3, EX120-2 single pump); HPV102 (EX200-5/6); HPV116 (EX200-1); HPV118 (ZX200-3, ZX270 main pump)etc.
Komatsu excavator main pump series:
HPV35 (PC60); HPV55 (PC120); HPV90 (PC200-3); HPV90 (PC200-5); PHV95 (PC200-6, PC120-6 except the pump shaft); HPV132 (PC300-7, PC400-6); HPV160 (PC300/400-3/5); HPV135; PC30UU; PC40-8 main pump; PC50; PC60, etc.
Caterpillar series:
VRD63 (CAT120) double pump; SBS80 (CAT312C) main pump; E200B (new) double pump; AP-12 double pump; AP-14 (CAT325C); CAT320C double pump; SPK10/10 (E200B) double pump; SPV10/10 (MS180) double pump; CAT12G; CAT14G/16G; CAT215; CAT245; CAT330B travel motor; PSV450 (AP-12) walking; CAT992; CAT330C walking; CAT385H.
Kayab (KYB, kayaba) series:
PSVD2-16E (Shanhe Intelligent 1.6-2 tons); PSVD2-21C (KYB); PSVD2-21E (KYB) 4T/SVD22 small digging main pump; PSVD2-26E/27E (KYB); KYB-25CC (Ishikawashima 45, Kubota K040/K045); Ishikawajima 60; PSVL-54 (KYB Kubota 6 ton 155 excavator).
The Nachi series:
PVD-2B-32L; PVD-2B-34 walking; PVD-2B-34L (small digging main pump); PVD-2B-36L/38/40; PVD-2B-42; PVD-2B-63; PVD45; 130; PVK-2B-505 (ZAX55 main pump); YC35-6 Yuchai small digging rotary motor; YC35-6 Yuchai small digging travel motor; PCL-200-18B (Yuchai 55 revolution); Bobcat 331 excavator ( Turn); Bobcat 337 (walking motor).
Toshiba series:
SG02; SG025 (MFB40); SG04 (MFB80); SG08 (MFB160); SG12; SG20 (MFB250); PVB92 (PVC90RC08/PVC70R) (Toshiba 8 tons, Yuchai 8.5 tons excavator); PV090; PV092 (PV080 universal) ;PSVS-90.
JEIL series:
JMV-44/22; JMV-53/34 (6-8 ton small excavator travel motor); JMF-64; JMV 147/95; JMF-151-VBR (22SM1510117); JMF-155.
LPVD45; LPVD64; LPVD75; LPVD90; LPVD100; LPVD100 new (914); LPVD125; LPVD125 new; LPVD140; LPVD250; LPVD260.
Kobelco / Kato Series:
SK250-8 main pump; SK200-1/3 travel motor; SK220-3 (MA340 travel motor); SK200-6 travel motor; SK200-6 walking new; SK320 travel motor; M3V150 (SK220-2) travel motor; SK430 walking Motor; Kato 400 excavator motor; HD450V-2 (Kato); HD3000; DH55 (Daewoo 55 excavator slewing motor); T3X128/Daewoo 300-7 slewing; Daewoo 225-7 walking; Daewoo DH370 slewing; Hyundai 60-7 slewing Motor; modern 480 swing motor.
Kawasaki series:
K3SP36C (SDV36) 8 ton medium excavator main pump; K3V63DT (K3V63BDT); K3V112DT; K3V140DT; K3V180DT; K3V280; K3VG280; K3VG180; K3VL45; K5V80; K5V140 (Doosan 300-7); K5V160 (modern 300-6 main pump) ; M2X63; M2X96 (EX200-2); M2X120; M2X146 (EX200-5); M2X150/170 (EX400); M2X210 (EX270/280/300); M5X130
Nabtesco series:
GM05VL; GM05VA; GM06VL (60 Daewoo walking); GM07VA (Daewoo DH55, Komatsu walking 60-7); GM08 (Komatsu 60-3 / 5 walking); GM09 (MSPG06-025 / PC60-7 travel motor); GM10; GM17 (PC120-3 / 5 walking); GM18; GM23; GM30H; GM35VA; GM35VL (travel motors); GM38VB (SK200-8, Kato travel motor 1023-3); DNB08.
Rexroth Series:
A4V40; A4V56; A4V71; A4V125; A4V250; A4VFO28; A4VSO40; A4VSO71; A4VSO125; A4VSO180; A4VSO250; A4VSO355; A4VSO500; A4VF500 / A4F500; A4VG28 (A4F028); A4VG50;; A4VG40; A4VG45 A4VG56; A4VG71; A4VTG71; A4VG90 (A4VT90HW / 32R); A4VHW90; A4VTG90 charge pump (Laid thick); A4VG125; A4VG125 Charge pump; A4VG125 charge pump (general use type); A4VG125 charge pump (A10VO28 string type); A4VG12 charge pump (large).
Rexroth bent axis pump series:
A2F5;A2F12;A2F23;A2VK28;2VK28;A2F28;A2F55;A2F80;A2F107;A2F160;A2F200; A2V225;A2F250;A2V500;A2V915;A2F355;A2F500;A2F1000;A2FO10;A2FO12;A2FO16;A2FO23;A2FO28;A2FO32;A2FO45; A2FO56; A2FO63; A2FO80; A2FO90 / A2FE90; A2FO107; A2FO125 (A2FM125); A2FO200;; A2FO160; A2FO180 A2FO250; A2FO500; A6V28; A7V55 / A8V55; A7V58; A7V80 / A8V80; A7V107 / A8V107; A7V160 / A8V160; A7V200; A7V225 ; A7V250; A7V355; A7V500; A6VM / A7V1000; A6VM / A7VO12; A7VO28; A7VO55; A7VO80; A7VO107; A7VO160; A6VM160; A6VE160; A6VM200; A6VM500; A7VO172; A7VO200; A7VO250; A7VO355; A7VO500.
Sauer Series:
PV20; PV21 (PVD21); PV22; PVD22 dual pump; PV23 (PVD23); PV24; SPV6 / 119; PV25; PV26; PV112; OPV27; MF16A; MFO35; MF500; MPVO46 / M46; MPR63; MPV45.
Eaton Series:
3321/3331 (Eaton 006); Eaton 3322 (EATON3322); 4621/4621-007; 5421/5431 (Eaton 23); Case 1460 (CASE1460); Case CS05A; Eaton 3932-243; Eaton 6423; 7621 (Eaton 24-7620); Road roller (Eaton 78462).
Vickers series:
PVE19;TA19;PVE21;PVH45;PVH57;PVH74;PVH81;PVH98;PVH106(HPN-1398);PVH131;PVH141;PVB5;PVB6;PVB10;PVB15(PVQ32 some common);PVB20;PVB29;PVBQA29-SR;PVQ40 /50; PVB110; TB35; B45.
LINDE series
HPR55/75/105/135/165/210/280 ;MPV45-01 MPV63-01; HMR75/105/135/165;MPF55-01; MPR28/45/63/71; HPR75/90/100/130/160;BPV35/50/70/100/200;B2PV35/50/75/105/140;BMF35/55/75/105/140;BMV35/55/75/105/135; BPR55/75/105/140/186/260;HPV55T/75/105/135/165/210; HMF28/35/50/55/75/105/135/165/210;HPV130-01.
Parker series
PVP16/23/33/41/48/60/76/100/140;PVM16/23/28;PV016/020/023/028/032/040/046/063;F11-005/006/012/014/019/10/28/39/80/110/150/250;F12-030/040/060/080/110/125/150/250;V12-060/080   V14-110/160;P2/P3-060/075/105/145;PAVC 33/38/65/100

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