Gft 80 T3 9153 Part Number R916213552 Final Drive Gear

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Basic Info.

Model NO.
GFT 80 T3 9153
V Type
Straight Shaft Swashplate Piston Type
Radial Plunger Pump Type
Valve with Flow
Transport Package
HS Code
Production Capacity

Product Description

GFT 80 T3 9153  part number R916213552
GFT 80 T3 9000 rexroth gearbox 


Rexroth GFT series track drive gearbox, final drive gearbox, wheel drive gearbox.

Rexroth GFT10, GFT17, GFT24, GFT26, GFT34, GFT36, GFT40, GFT50, GFT60, GFT80, GFT110, GFT160, GFT220, GFT330, GFT450

Our factory mass produced Rexroth GFT series compact high speed travel drive from GFT 13T2 to GFT 330T3 (13000-330000 N.m)

Detailed offer Description
GFT Series
Replace for               
Rexroth GFT Series
Output Torque          
HYDROTRAC GFT is an ideal driving component for wheel or track driving vehicles, and other moving equipment and widely applied in excavator, spreading machine, drill machine, mobile crusher, engineering machinery, mining, tunnel machinery, agricultural machinery, etc. Meanwhile, different motor connectors and dimensions are available on request. It is an ideal replacement of Rexroth products.
Special Features:
1. Compact two-, three- or four-stage planetary gearboxes
2. Cageless planetary gear bearing
3. Robust main bearing
4. Optimized seals
5. Integr. multi-disc parking brake 
6. Optional for mounting Rexroth fixed or variable motors (A2FM/E, A6VM/E, A10VM/E)
7. Interchangeable with Rexroth on performance and dimension.
8. More than 80% components can be interchanged with those of Rexroth (planet gear, Cageless planetary gear bearing, planet carrier, ring gear and so on). 


GFT 7 T2      GFT 9 T2      GFT 13 T2        GFT 17 T2      GFT 17 T3
GFT 24 T3     GFT 26 T3     GFT 36 T3        GFT 50 T3      GFT 60 T2
GFT 60 T3     GFT 80 T2     GFT 80 T3        GFT 110 T3     GFT 160 T3
GFT 220 T3    GFT 330 T3

Rexroth GFT Final drive: GFT13T2, GFT17T2, GFT17T3, GFT24T3, GFT26T2, GFT36T3, GFT50T3, GFT60T3, GFT80T3, GFT110T3, GFT160T3, GFT220T3, GFT330T3,

Winch drive gearbox: GFT13W2, GFT17W2, GFT17W3, GFT24W3, GFT26W2, GFT36W3, GFT50W3, GFT60W3, GFT80W3, GFT110W3, GFT160W3, GFT220W3, GFT330W3 and Rexroth Swing drive gearbox: GFB17T2, GFB17T3, GFB26T2, GFB36T3, GFB50T3, GFB60T3, GFB80T3, GFB110T3   

Its compact structure, it could be used in the severely hard installation conditions, The advanced designs as well as the process technology guarantee the high bearing capacity and the operation liability.

Our GFT series speed reducers can meet replacement of original Bosch-Rexroth standards.


Hydraulic piston pump A11VLO40, A11VLO60, A11VLO75, A11VLO95, A11VLO130, A11VLO145, A11VLO190, A11VLO260

Open circuit
Nominal pressure 5100 psi (350 bars)
Maximum pressure 5800 psi (400 bars)
The A11VLO variable axial piston pump of swash plate design for hydrostatic drives in open circuit hydraulic system
- Designed primarily for use in mobile applications.
- The pump operates under self-priming conditions, with tank pressurization, or with an optional built-in charge pump (impeller).
- A comprehensive range of control options is available matching any application requirement.
- Power control option is externally adjustable, even when the pump is running.
- The through drive is suitable for adding gear pumps and axial piston pumps up to the same size, i.e. 100% through drive.
- The output flow is proportional to the drive speed and infinitely variable between qV max and qV min = 0.
- Control devices: LR, LR.C, LR3, LG1, LG2, DR, DRS, DRL, DH1, DH2, DH.D, DH.G, EP1, EP2, DE.D, EP.G, etc.
Gft 80 T3 9153 Part Number R916213552 Final Drive Gear Gft 80 T3 9153 Part Number R916213552 Final Drive Gear





1,piston shoe,9pcs.

2,cylinder block,1pc.

3,retainer plate,1pc.

4,valve plate RH,1pc.

5,ball guide, 1pc. 


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